Graphtec FC 9000 Series Cutting Plotter

The Graphtec FC9000 series premiere cutting plotter offers best in class cutting and plotting capabilities and comes as standard with a new barcode reader for continuous cut capabilities.


An FC Series Cutting Plotter provides a higher level of productivity and greater ease of use than any other cutting plotter on the market today.

Key Features:



Best In Class Capabilities
The FC9000 Series offers best in class productivity and abilities with a wider range of compatible media.

Wide Cutting Area For Full Media Use
All FC9000 models have a minimum cutting width of 50mm, the maximum cut width is determined by the width of machine you opt for.

User-Friendly Built-In Control Panel
Save 2 user settings with 8 condition settings for each user. A fast access key allows quick switching between users. One cutter can be shared by multiple users or for multiple purposes.

Improved & Increased Long-Length Tracking
The FC9000 supports long-length tracking of up to 15m as standard. For the wider 140 or 160cm wide models there is a now an automatic take up roller option which can be added to the plotter prior to purchase. Adding the take up roller increases media tracking accuracy up to 20m.

Data Output Via USB Flash Memory Without PC
When cutting data designed with Graphtec Pro Studio and sent with cutting Cutting Master 4 are saved to USB flash memory, they can be output directly to the cutting plotter by plugging in the USB drive directly into the plotter which means the machine can be used without the need for a computer.